SAS shoes: What makes SAS Shoe a great Comfort shoe

SAS is a high-end brand of shoes and sandals. You'll find them in regular, narrow and wide styles.

SAS Shoes: my favorite for work: My opinion of my personal pair of the SAS sandals is this: they are the best pair I've owned. They're light, easy on the sole of the foot, every inch of them is padded, even the insides of the straps. The heel height is nice too, not too short, not too tall.

How to locate SAS shoe store: On the east coast, the place where I shop for SAS Shoes is "Globe Shoes" stores. They carry wide range of shoes, all high-end but for the working people, professionals, nurses, or just people who need special shoe widths.

SAS shoes website: SAS Shoe website has been recently updated, and the whole SAS Shoe catalog is now available. You can't buy directly from the company [not online, but you can from their company store]. To purchase the shoes, your best bet is buying online from one of the bigger shoe retailers [Zappos, etc] or in a regular shoe store, preferably on sale, because SAS shoes tend to be very expensive, even for sandals.

SAS shoes are extremely stable, they're never offered with very high heels or uncomfortable fabrics or strict shoe designs.

S A S Shoes: America's favorite Comfort shoes S A S Shoes: America's favorite Comfort shoes

SAS Factory Store: SAS Factory is in Texas, they also have a sas outlet store close to the factory, with address and phone number.

SAS Factory Shoe Store
16088 San Pedro Ave Ste 103
San Antonio, TX 78232-2249
SAS Outlet Store Phone Number: (210) 494-1823

SAS Comfort Shoes: A slogan which you'll often see in stores selling SAS will say: "SAS Comfort Shoes", and they're not lying. These shoes are comfortable beyond belief, almost like having on Okabashi shoes - reflexology is what makes Okabashi's special.

SAS sandals: my SAS shoe pair SAS sandals: my SAS shoe pair @ $115.00

SAS shoes philosophy: "It goes back to a time when, if you made something poorly, word of mouth would put you out of business before you ever got started. We at SAS Shoes think the same should be true today. We believe mo matter how much self-promotion we might do, it would do no good if the customer satisfaction was not built into our products."

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