Acuvue Moist 1 day Contact Lenses Review & Wear Tips

A little bit about myself first - I wore glasses for past 15 years. I never tried contact lenses until just recently. Like most of first time contact lens users, I was very fearful of putting anything in my eyes.


A small confession is in order - you will not feel the lenses once they're in your eyes. Others may say you'll feel a sensation like an eyelash - not true! There's no sensation, just your regular eyes, just with one small change - you will see 20/20! First time I put them in, I wanted to cry. It was surreal, walking around without glasses but with perfect vision.


acuvue moist lens My Acuvue 1 Day Moist Contact Lenses.


Acuvue Moist 1 Day contact lenses : My eye doctor suggested I start with these lenses, she said for first time wearer, it's the easiest to handle and to learn with. One day use - means you open the contact lens blister pack, wear for one day and throw away. Remember, you'll still need glasses at night, unless you can tolerate the lenses until sleep. Acuvue Moist 1 Day Lenses are made with LACREON, and can be worn for 14 hours straight, after than, they will probably get uncomfortable.


Contact lenses in a box multiplied by number of eyes! Surprise, you have two eyes. One contact lens package has 30 lenses which means it's good for just 15 days. Believe it or not, this was hard for me to grasp at first - multiply the cost by 2, that's all I'm going to say. And remember, if like me you have different vision in your eyes, you'll need 2 different boxes a month. I wear a -2.50 in one eye and -2.25 in another.


Daily Contact Lenses vs. Extended Wear lenses. Advantages of Daily lenses are of course ease of use and eye health. Daily lens big disadvantage is cost. It's personal to each user - what matters most?


Online and Local Store Contacts Deals. I buy my lenses in a local BJ's warehouse club, similar to Costco's. Prices are comparable to online, but without shipping costs. Look out for online deals, for example, combining %off with a rebate, you can get a deal that's better than a local store. Just remember, if you do find a deal, they all require a minimum of 6-12 box purchase.


Putting Lenses in and taking lenses out: by far, the most stressful and challenging process is putting the lenses in and taking them out. My eye doctor gave me a few great tips:

  1. Wash hands with a hand soap that's safe for your eyes! Look carefully on back of the bottle, many popular soaps like Dial, Softsoap have warning against getting them in your eyes. If you do wash with a soap like Dial and then handle contacts, your eyes will sting. I guarantee it because it happened to me.
  2. Do not get hair or lint or dirt on your fingers after you washed your hands, make sure they're nice and clean.
  3. Open a contact lens blister pack and take the lens out. Make sure it's on your finger correctly, in a nice, deep cup and not inverted.
  4. Taking lenses out is fairly easy, grab the lens and pull down with finger, then pinch and gently slide out.

acuvue 1 day moist contact lenses
Acuvue 1 Day Moist Contact Lenses

Also, check out Acuvue 1-Day Moist Official Website and Doctor Locator on Acuvue Website or 1-800-Contacts for online contact lens sales

... and: SAS shoes and sandals - shoes and more shoes and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel - soothing for your skin.


Systane Eye Drops: After I've taken lenses out at night, I always put 2 drops of Systane in each eye. It lubricates the eye immediately, and feels very soothing and cool. I read research on Systane website, which, in simple terms, said that after a few weeks of Systane use the lens wearer is able to wear their lenses even longer during the day. This drop is different from a contact lens cleaner drop, don't mix the two. And I've found that using Systane with contacts in my eyes is not recommended, my eyes immediately become blush red.


Day Wear Comfort - I use Aquify Lenses Rewetting Drops. During the day, you will start to feel your eyes get dry. Interesting, it doesn't happen all the time, and some days I don't use the drops at all. The Aquify drop removes protein build-up and moisturizes. I only use the drop when the lens is in my eye, when lenses are out, I go back to Systane.

  contact lense back of blister package acuvue contact lens
My Aquify Eye Drops. Back of contact lens blister package with lens inside.


Acuvue contact lenses - wet vs dry lens. The lens is made of plastic and within minutes of air exposure it will shrink and curl up! Here's my Acuvue Lenses - a wet lens and one that's been left out in the open air for a little bit.


contact lens wet and dry
My contact lenses - wet and dry lens


Focus Dailies: My eye doctor's advise to me was to go with Acuvue 1 Day moist at first. She said in her experience Acuvue lenses are wetter and wear longer.

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