Family guy came back on fox!

Finally, the Family Guy show, beloved and enjoyed by millions is back on the air, and as everybody witnessed on the premier night (May 1st, 2005), it's better than ever! This is now Family Guy Season 4, since it's debut in 1999.

Created by Seth MacFarlane, it's one of the funniest shows on TV. I watched and laughed non-stop, especially during the opening scene of the first episode of the 4th season. In this scene, Peter describes to Lois that 'Family Guy' has been cancelled and names a big list of all the FOX shows that failed while Family Guy was off the air.

From same season opener, check out Family Guy 2005 4th Season opener Transcript where Peter names all the shows which were cancelled while Family Guy was off the air,, Voices of Family Guy and Family Guy 2005 Ratings.

family guy Family Guy

The Simpsons premier were great too, this was their 350th episode.

FOX did a whole set of shows that Sunday, calling them ANIMATION DOMINATION. It seems to be a winning combination for FOX, which, in my opinion, has struggled with programming on Sunday Nights.

Also check out our The Simpsons Voices, South Park Voices. Old time Drive-In Movie Theaters and Family Guy Official Website

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