Toyota's Reveal of 8th Generation New 2018 Toyota Camry Car

Toyota revealed new 2018 Camry at January 2017 Detroit Auto Show. For the first time in 12 years, Toyota will introduce new NGA-C platform for the Camry model. Even through there were two generation models since 2006, the 7th generation of Camry from 2011 to 2017 is widely considered a carry-over model of the 6th generation introduced in 2006.


This is the all New 8th Generation of Toyota Camry 2018, best selling car in US for 15 years in a row.


Finally the full car! Toyota Camry 2018 XSE Model in White and Black bi-color [below].

toyota camry 2018 car XSE White 2018 Toyota Camry Car XSE White


See below the very First Look on December 1st 2016 - Reveal of 2018 Toyota Camry Rear Quarter Panel, taillights and trunk. XSE Model in Red Color [below].

toyota camry 2018 car sneak peak 2018 Toyota Camry Car Sneak Peak @ Before Detroit Auto Show


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