EV1 car Pictures from the movie: Who killed the electric car

Having just watched the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?", it was important to show the pictures of the EV1 car and especially electric cars crushed at the junkyard.

The Who Killed the Electric Car movie gave a lot of reasons for why the car never became popular and why it was discontinued, but it seems to me that besides the very few enthusiasts who wanted to have one, the public was not ready for a sticker shock of a GM EV1 small 2-seater car.

GM only offered 'closed' leases on EV1's, with no chance to buy the electric car at the end of the lease. A lease price of $500/month coupled with a cost of 50cents/mile and the fact that EV1 car can only go 60-80 miles on one charge were the causes. Nonetheless, there's hope that the hybrid vehicle, like Toyota's Prius cars, made to be plugged in will be able to achieve 125mpg and go on a regular tank of gas well over 1,000 miles on one fill-up/charge.

who killed the electric car movie poster Who killed the electric car movie poster

GM's EV1 electric car pictures

ev1 car

ev1 car plugged in GM's EV1 plugged into a charging station - Toyota's RAV4-EV vehicles are behind it

crushed ev1 cars EV1's crushed at the junkyard - virtually all EV1's were destroyed. Read more about this on Wikipedia's EV1 page. Also, visit for more information about the movie and about the electric car movement and Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Chevy Volt

gm chevy volt electric car Visit GM's electric car webpage and see the Chevy Volt plug-in electric/gas hybrid.

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