Family Guy 2005 Comeback Season 4 Ratings

Find out how Family Guy is rating against it's TV competition. The Family Guy animated TV show has done extremely well since coming back to FOX on their Animation Domination Lineup on Sunday nights.

family guy 4th season opener show: May 2nd, 2005: Fox's “Family Guy” received a 11.9 share with 18 to 49 year olds. These are great ratings for the season opener. FOX has been struggling to hold onto its narrow lead-in from the Simpsons, which have been averaging just 4.1 share.

family guy 1999 original show premiere: Family Guy pilot show originally premiered with a big audience of 22 million viewers after Fox's 1999 Super Bowl telecast. In the pilot episode, Stewie openly criticized his loutish dad and bent on killing his sweet-natured mother in a quest for world domination.

family guy ratings Family Guy Ratings

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tv's longest running shows (by episodes): While Family Guy has a long ways to go, here's TV's top 5 longest running tv shows:

  1. The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet: 435 Episodes
  2. My Three Sons: 392 Episodes
  3. The Simpsons: 357 Episodes
  4. The Jack Benny Program: 343 Episodes
  5. The Danny Thomas Show/Make Room For Daddy: 336 Episodes

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