Kourtney Brown is on My Games Fever

I'm a fan of Kourtney Brown, who is a host of a TV game show called My Games Fever. The show is aired on a new "MY9" channel. It's extremely entertaining and Kourtney makes the show funny and exciting to watch.

kourtney brownKourtney Brown

My Games Fever is on from 1pm to 3pm ET LIVE and viewers are supposed to text message the show and if they're chosen to play, they get a call back and are put on the air to talk to a host and win money!

Most prizes are $100 to $250 but often times, if the guesses are wrong, the prize amount is raised to $3,000 and more.

The funniest part of My Games Fever is Kourtney's reaction to incorrect answers and his clues to puzzles! Truthfully, the puzzles are VERY easy, it's incredible how many people get the answers wrong.

my games fever
My Games Fever

Kourtney's favorite phrases are:

  • Kourtney with a K and Brown like the color
  • Get in the cake mix!

From Kourtney's My Space page, he describes himself as an actor and a model. He definitely has a great talent and I hope to see him more on TV. I started watching the show after seeing Kourtney profiled on VH1's show: Best Week Ever.

Check out My Games Fever website and Kourtney Brown's My Space page.

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