new jersey auto insurance: my uninsurable NJ muscle car story

I would like to direct your attention for a moment to my car on your right. It's a Pontiac Firebird. NJ Auto Insurance for my muscle car has reached at one point a ridiculous amount of $4,200 a year! NJ car insurance & points - they just do not mix!

New Jersey Auto Insurance: How high is too high? My New Jersey Auto Insurance woes went something like this. In 2000, I purchased my muscle car. At that time, since i was under 25 and practically uninsurable by new jersey standards, my car insurance was $4,200/year. I was able to get away from them when I became 25, and switch to State Farm Auto Insurance. State Farm was better at about $3,000/year.

New Jersey Auto Insurance: NJ Cure to the rescue - I signed with NJ Cure New Jersey Auto Insurance about 3 years ago. Since then, my race has been very reasonable, about $2,000 a year. I know many of you reading this article from midwest and south will probably won't believe your eyes. But here's a well-kept secret: YES, New Jersey Auto Insurance rates ARE that expensive! And i'm not a speeder and do not have 10 tickets to my name. My driving record is CLEAN.

New Jersey Auto Insurance Prices My Uninsurable Muscle Car

New Jersey Cure Auto Insurance New Jersey Cure Auto Insurance - NJ Cure New Jersey Auto Insurance

New Jersey Manufacturers auto Insurance GroupNew Jersey Manufacturers auto Insurance Group - New Jersey Manufacturers Auto Insurance Company

New Jersey Auto Insurance: New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

New Jersey Manufacturers Auto Insurance Company is another great insurer. Unfortunately, only a handful of people who apply actually get into new jersey manufacturers insurance program. NJM is definitely not the car insurance for high points in new jersey. You must have:

  • 3 years driving experience
  • all drivers on policy may not hold a permit
  • 0 points, 0 accidents and 0 license suspensions for 3 years
  • All cars must be leased to you and garaged at the residence
  • Must have continuous new jersey auto insurance coverage for 3 years prior to getting auto insurance with NJM

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