Okabashi sandals and shoes: Reflexology Sole is key in these great sandals and better than crocs!

Okabashi is a brand of shoes and sandals. I first saw these sandals at least 10 years ago, and got a pair of shoes for myself. Okabashi's made of rubber, they's light and easy on your feet.

my favorite sandals: Amazingly, I still have that same pair, since they are the MOST comfortable home sandals I have ever wore on my feet. My review of foot sandals I bought 10 years ago is completely unbiased, and these great sandals are still made by Okabashi, plus, it's their most popular shoe. They're called the Cross Strap, and I had mine actually cut down, so that I only left the first two cross-straps. I used plain scissors, and it worked really well. You can't wear Okabashi's to work, but SAS shoes are fantastic for 8 hour days.

why okabashi? The sandals seem to just wrap themselves around the foot. They never get hot or cold, your foot always breathes in them, and most importantly, they're light and easy to wear. To wash them, I just throw my Okabashi in the washer/dryer, and they come out like new.where can i get okabashi?

okabashi cross strap sandals Okabashi "Cross Strap" Sandals

Okabashi Reflexology Map and Reflexology SoleOkabashi Shoes Reflexology Map and Reflexology Sole

Okabashi sells their shoes and sandals on their website. You can also find them in some drug pharmacies, like CVS and RiteAid. okabashi shoe philosophy "Developed according to basic principles of reflexology, Okabashi shoes feature a contoured reflexology insole with over 500 massage beads that stimulate pressure points on the soles of your feet, invigorating your whole body."

Okabashi website is very informative, I suggest you visit them to see the full shoe/sandal selection.

New models: okabashi spa shoes: I also own a pair of Okabashi Spa sandals, but spa shoes are not as comfortable as my Okabashi cross straps. These newer shoes I purchased about two years ago as a replacement, but the spa sandals never felt as great as the originals.

okabashi spa shoes
Okabashi Spa Shoes

All Okabashi sandals have raised soles and bumps, which massage the foot as you walk.

SAS Shoes and Sandals - learn about these great shoes. Also, Check out Okabashi Shoes Website, they just completed a beautiful redesign.

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