Saturday Night Live Nut Growers sketch with Jessica Simpson about california nut growers association and DJ bubba sparxx

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE did one of the funniest skits on the show with jessica simpson and nick lachey: New ad campaign and song for california nut growers association.

snl nut growers Saturday Night Live nut growers jingle

This sketch was for Northern California Nut growers association new advertising campaign by McMahon, Tate & Stevens Advertising agency. Bubba Sparxx was played by Horatio Sanz, Kenan Thompson played "Timerbland" and Finessse played "DJ Bon Bons". I thought the funniest performance was by Horatio and I thought the beats they used were very good.

Here are two songs from that skit: performed by CHRIS PARNELL, HORATIO SANZ, KENAN THOMPSON, FINESSE MITCHELL and guest host, JESSICA SIMPSON.

What I especially loved about the skit is how Chris Parnell gets so frazzled by the overly gay jingle, but at the end, he accepts the song and says that it may actually work! Of course, they show a newspaper clipping where nut sales went up 0.3% within gay population but actually decreased 47% among all population.

SNL Nut Growers Jingle #2:

    I been searchin' for somethin' to eat
    (somethin' to eat)
    For a natural treat nuts just can't be beat
    (they can't be beat)
    Grab a fat sack of nuts and shove 'em in my mouth
    (up in his mouth)
    Nuts hangin' off my chin other nuts rollin' south
    Rollin' around in the palm of my hand you gotta understand
    I grab so hard I bust a nut in my hand
    (that's right)
    Nuts in my chest hair nuts everywhere
    Keep a sack of wrinkled nuts in my buddy's underwear
    (you wanna see my nuts)

SNL Nut Growers Jingle #3:

    Wake up in the morning cravin' a mouth full of warm nuts
    Go to Crunch's gym just to stare at other dudes' butts
    Catch me in the bath house peekin' under fellas' towels
    I go out at night I'm gayer than a thousand Mr. Howells

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