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Web Hosting help for your personal website may seem like a giant undertaking, a leap of faith, so to speak. A free service could be an option to host your small, personal website is good, but your own web space is much, much better.

Helpful hits for small site hosting:

  • Your own domain name
  • Working on a Unix/Apache server with PHP scripting
  • 100 email accounts and at least 5 large 10-20gig email accounts
  • Traffic statistics
  • High monthly bandwidth limit

In your searches, you've probably found that web hosting services are abundant, and there are a number of great, cheap hosting providers our there. I can personally recommend a few if you email me.

With a host, you will control your own format, allow NO ads to appear on your website courtesy of your 'free' web hosting, and most importantly, keep all your files safe and secure. Additional plus is your own domain name and a personalized email address.

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godaddy website hostingGodaddy Hosting website hosting

Web hosting a personal website is cheap these days. In fact, you can do it all for under $100/year and get all these ...

To host your own small site, you do need to at least know how to:

  • Ftp files
  • Code HTML pages
  • Troubleshoot minor problems
  • Setup POP email accounts
  • Code PHP/ASP/JavaScript pages (needed for anything above a simple personal web page)

I also wanted to briefly go over bandwidth limits. Here's how it works. Let's say your hosting service allows you up to 500Meg of bandwidth a month. Lets say you've decided to post a video on your website, which is 5Meg. Then, you post it on a forum or send a link to your friend, and they download it (view it) 20 times --- you've just eaten 100Meg of your monthly bandwidth! How?!? -- 5Meg file times 20 downloads = 100Megs.

In conclusion, I would suggest to everyone to take this leap and get your own personal hosting contract. The toughest thing is signing on the dotted line of that hosting agreement, everything else will be fairly easy!

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