project runway and Jay, the winner of season 1! List of all challenge winners

I'm a big fan of Project Runway! Jay McCarroll was the winner of Project Runway Season 1, and he was by far the most inventive designer with his own point of view, something the Judges always look for in contestants on Project Runway show. Below you'll find summary of season one of Project Runway, pictures from the show of the contestants, the models and the designs. Project Runway originally showed season 1 in 2004/2005. See all of Jay's designs in Project Runway Challenges.

Who were the judges of Project Runway Season 1? First of course, super model Heidi Klum, who is also the host of the show. Tim Gunn, while he's a mentor to contestants, is not one of the judges. Michael Kors is one of the judges, he's a well-known designer. Nina Garcia is also one of the judges, she's works for ELLE magazine. The judge's panel usually includes a 4th judge, specific for each challenge on Project Runway.

Jay McCarroll won Season 1 of Project Runway, but the other 2 designers in Top 3 are worth a mention. First is Kara Saun, a favorite to win the first season of Project Runway and a great, experienced designer. Kara was leading the competition, but in the final showdown at New York's Olympus Fashion Week, Kara was outdone by Jay and his unique runway show. While Kara's designs were amazing, having to do with a theme revolving around the movie 'Aviator', they were judged to be inferior to Jay's innovative point of view.

project runway Project Runway Season 1

Heidi Klum: host of project runway season 1 Heidi Klum - host of Project Runway (super model)

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Jay McCarroll: winner: Project Runway season 1 Project Runway Season 1 Winner: Jay McCarroll

Tim Gunn: Project Runway Tim Gunn: Project Runway's mentor

The second designer in Top 3: Wendy Pepper, was really hated by most contestants and her final collection, having to do with Autumn and falling leaves, was judged the worst of the final 3.

Kara saun: project runway

Kara Saun, Project Runway Top 3 Finalist

wendy pepper - project runway

Wendy Pepper, Project Runway Top 3 Finalist

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Jay's designs from project runway season 1, by challenge... plus, Challenge Winner for each Revealed

Project Runway 1 - jay: supermarket challange Jay's dress in supermarket materials challenge. Jay used foil. Overall Winner: Austin

Project Runway 1 - jay: cotton dye challange Jay's dress in Cotton Dye challenge. Overall Winner: Kara

Project Runway 1 - jay: banana republic challege Jay's dress for Banana Republic. His take on Empire Building theme was judged one of the best Overall Winner: Wendy

Project Runway 1 - jay: sarah hudson Jay's outfit for Sarah Hudson. Overall Winner: Kevin's Team

Project Runway 1 - jay: model dress Jay's Dress for his Model. Overall Winner: Kara

Project Runway 1 - jay: swinsuit Jay's swimsuit. This design was judged well, it was all leather with long thin straps. Overall Winner: Austin

Project Runway 1 - Jay: future Jay's take on Future World. Overall Winner: Kara's Team

Project Runway 1 - jay: post office uniform Jay's design for new Post Office Uniforms. Overall Winner: Kara

Project Runway 1 - jay: singer dress Jay's design for Nancy O'Dell 2005 Grammy Dress. Overall Winner: Wendy

Project Runway 1 - final red dress fashion week jay mccarroll in project runway Jay's Finale dress!

Designs and Pictures from Project Runway season 1

Julia Beynon: winning model of Project Runway Season 1
Julia Beynon: Winning model of Project Runway Season 1

Project Runway 1 - Jay dress final fashion show project runway Project Runway 1 - final red dress fashion week jay mccarroll in project runway
Jay's final dress for Fashion Week Show

Jay's olympus fashion week 'TRANSPORT' runway show after project runway: October, 2006

jay mccarroll runway show after project runway
Jay McCarroll TRANSPORT runway show after Project Runway: he's still doing matchy-matchy colors as Michael Kors put it during the final judging of Project Runway!

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