The Amazing Race Winners

Amazing Race is one of the best reality shows on TV. It has won an Emmy each year from 2003 to 2011, except in 2010.


the amazing raceThe Amazing Race


Amazing Race First 15 Seasons: Winners

  • Amazing Race Season 1 Winners: Rob and Brennan
  • Amazing Race Season 2 Winners: Chris and Alex
  • Amazing Race Season 3 Winners: Flo and Zach
  • Amazing Race Season 4 Winners: Reichen and Chip
  • Amazing Race Season 5 Winners: Chip and Kim
  • Amazing Race Season 6 Winners: Freddy and Kendra
  • Amazing Race Season 7 AllStars Winners: Uchenna and Joyce
  • Amazing Race Season 8 Family Winners: Linz Family
  • Amazing Race Season 9 Winners: BJ and Tyler... TTOW!
  • Amazing Race Season 10 Winners: Tyler and James
  • Amazing Race Season 11 AllStars Winners: Eric and Danielle
  • Amazing Race Season 12 Winners: TK and Rachel
  • Amazing Race Season 13 Winners: Nick and Starr
  • Amazing Race season 14 Winners: Tammy and Victor
  • Amazing Race season 15 Winners: Meghan and Cheyne


amazing race season 15 winners Meghan and Cheyne won Amazing Race Season 15, which wrapped up Sunday, December 6th, 2009. Both Meghan and Cheyne are 23 years old, dating, and work as marketing managersin San Diego, CA. Congratulations to this amazing race team, who in addition to winning one million dollars, won 5 #1 finishes.


amazing race 14 winners tammy and victor Tammy and Victor won Season 14 of The Amazing Race. Season 14 started February 15th, 2009 and ended May 10th, 2009. Tammy and Victor were a very strong team, smart and determined.



amazing race season 13 winners nick and starr Amazing Race Season 13 is done and we have official winners - brother and sister team - Nick and Starr. Show's final episode aired on December 7th, 08. Winning 6 first place finishes, Nick and Starr were strong through the end, winning the whole race. Ken and Tina, the separated couple, came in second and the frat boys Andrew and Dan came in third.


amazing race 12 winners: Tk and Rachel Amazing Race Season 12 is now Over. On January 20th, 2008 broadcast on CBS, TK and Rachel won! Ronald and Christina came in second and Nicolas and Donald came in third.


Amazing Race 11 "All Star Edition" was won by Eric and Danielle in May of 2007. Eric and Danielle beat out 'beauty queens' Dustin & Kandice (2nd) and cousins Charla & Mirna (3rd). The $1,000,000 one million prize was awarded to a deserving team of true competitors. The favories were Rob and Amber but they were eliminated 4th in the race. Rob and Amber won Survivor (Amber won the show); they already appreared on Amazing Race before, in Season 7, coming in a second place. Eric and Danielle later appeared on LIVE with Regis and Kelly, where both proclaimed they were 'just friends' and prompty brought out their new boyfriends/girlfriends.


amazing race gnome Travelocity Gnome: a popular feature on the show.


Play Amazing Race: Past Winners: "Guess Who Won?" Amazing Race First 12 Winners Game and get more info on Travelocity Gnome.


Past Winners: Amazing Race Season 7: Rob and Amber & Amazing Race Season 2 Winners


Amazing Race 10 ended in December, 2006 - Tyler and James won the 10th season of the Amazing Race! The show's first episode was Sunday, September 17th. This was also a new time slot for Amazing Race, it will appear right after an NFL game and 60 Minutes.


Visit LATEST Season of the Amazing Race: Amazing Race @ CBS website after the jump.


Amazing Race: Past Winners: "Guess Who Won?" Amazing Race First 12 Winners Game . It's fun, try it out. As a rule, the race is won by either a pair of men, or a man/woman team. They're always young, in their 30's, and athletic. In season 7, one team consisting of 60's married couple, got to #4, which is a HUGE feat, by any means. They did everything right, which is to say they never gave up and hardly argued. The worst thing you can do in a team is argue, it eats you from inside out - you just compete in a race if you're emotionally drained.


Amazing Race 9 is over and BJ and Tyler won! Amazing Race 9 premiered on CBS February 28, 2006 with a 2-hour show. 11 Teams traveled the globe and this show seems to finally come back to the amazing race roots everyone knew and loved - TRAVEL, travel and more travel - which was absent in Amazing Race Season 8: Families. One interesting note: Tyler appeared to cheer on Sanjaya on 5th season of the American Idol during latin night with Jennifer Lopez.


the Amazing Race TV show, in one word, is amazing. GSN (Game Show Network) network is showing all seasons of The Amazing Race in reruns.


Amazing Race and the learning experience: What I like best about the show, besides the fights, the off-color comments, the bad driving, the stunts -- are the countries they visit. You learn something new every day. Like when they went to Africa, i learned that you can get a cab to take you 20miles for $100 dollars! Or when you go to India, they will practically molest you on the train - things like this just make this show that much more valuable!


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