fried cabbage recipe: Russian Style

I love this russian fried cabbage recipe. It is one of those easy dishes which can be made very quickly. It tastes a little sour because of sauerkraut which is added to the cabbage at the final stage of cooking. This fried cabbage is an authentic russian dish passed down in families for generations. Total cooking time is about 30 minutes.

Russian Fried Cabbage Recipe Ingridients:

- 1 medium head of cabbage
- 1 pound of sour cabbage (sourcraut)
- 1 medium onion (white onion is best, red is OK, sweet is not the best choice)
- Salt to taste

russian fried cabbage Fried Cabbage: russian fried cabbage recipe

fried cabbage Recipe cooking Directions:

  • Slice one head of cabbage.
  • Take a 10” frying pan and heat on medium fire. Add a little corn oil. Fry cabbage on skillet for 15 minutes, turning frequently so the cabbage does not get burned. A non-stick skillet is essential here.
  • Slice and add onion to the cabbage.
  • After another 15 minutes add sour cabbage (drained) and fry before the cabbage is too soft.
  • Add salt for better taste. Serve hot or medium with potatoes, meat or fish.

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