Saturday Night Live Digital Short: Lazy Sunday (Chronic of Narnia) by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg

One of the funniest skits of the 2005 season, this SNL digital short aired on Saturday, December 17th, 2005.This episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jack Black in honor of his new movie King Kong and musical guest was Neil Young.

snl digital short lazy sunday chronic of naria Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell in Chronic of Narnia SNL Digital Short

This SNL Digital Short is about Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell going to the movies to see the new movie 'Chronicles of Narnia'. Done in a style of a rap video, it was right on key.

The song opens with Andy calling Chris to go and watch the movie Chronicles of Narnia. He makes the phone call, and they decide to first get cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery. They decide on a baker's dozen of cupcakes because of a sudden snack attack.

Next is how they're going to get here. Chris suggests Yahoo, Andy says Map Quest, but they both agree Google Maps is the best true that, double true . Double True is spelled on screen with Google colors, which I thought was a nice tough. Then they decide to stop at the deli because the theater is overpriced. Don't want security to get suspicious, Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious! .C

Check out the full Lyrics for Lazy Sunday Rap. At the movie theater, they answer the movie theater trivia question faster than anyone else What Friends alum starred in films with Bruce Willis? the answer of course is Matthew Perry. The ending is the best: they're outside, and you hear two clicks of the gun and then a gun shot, very much like a rap video.

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