amazing race 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce

Who won Amazing Race season 7? Uchenna and Joyce were Amazing Race Season Seven Winners!

Amazing Race 7: Season 7 of Amazing Race reality show has not disappointed. The great race reality show is as great as ever, with more exotic destinations and of course, more fights and head shaving!

You get hooked on this TV Reality Show from the first minute, and I've been watching it on tv since season 1. With addition of Rob and Amber from Survivor , it's better than ever. The show does not try to change it's format, it doesn't try to appeal to any specific age group, it's always true to it's original premise - to race around the world!

Amazing Race Season 7 winners: Uchenna and Joyce Season 7 of Amazing Race was ultimately won by Uchenna and Joyce. They were gracious and deserving winners. Rob and Amber came in second. From Amazing Race Reality Show website: "After suffering a flat tire and being stripped of all their money and possessions, married couple Uchenna & Joyce battled back from last place to win THE AMAZING RACE and the $1 million prize. Engaged couple Rob & Amber, who suffered a huge blow when Uchenna & Joyce got tickets on their flight to Miami at the last moment, took second place after becoming lost in Little Havana. A wrong turn heading to the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico forced former POW and pageant queen Ron & Kelly to take a later flight to Miami, resulting in a third-place finish."

amazing race 7 winners Amazing Race 7 Winners

amazing race season 7 winners: Uchenna and Joyce Uchenna and Joyce - winners of Amazing Race 7

amazing race 7: Rob and Amber from Survivor

amazing race 7 runners up: rob and amber from survivor Rob and Amber - runners-up on Amazing Race 7

The addition of Rob and Amber, winners from Survivor reality show on CBS tv, it has turned out to be a great move on the part of the show's casting directors. Rob is ruthless and Amber is quiet enough not to interfere with his evil plans.

Rob and Amber really make one of the best pairing I have seen so far on the show:

  • They never fight;
  • They do not undermine each other;
  • They listen to each other;
  • Rob pays Amber one compliment after another!

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