amazing race 2 winners Chris and Alex and episode summaries

Who won Amazing Race season 2? Chris and Alex from Boston were Amazing Race Season Two winners.

A very successful team comprised of two friends out of Boston who were able to come out on the top after a grueling 2nd season. You can also view the complete Amazing Race review for all seasons of the show.

amazing race 2 Amazing Race 2 Winners

amazing race 2 winners: chris and alex Amazing Race 2 Winners: Chris and Alex


amazing race 2 Episode summaries

Amazing Race 2: Episode 12: FINAL LEG: Five continents, eight countries and fifty-two thousand miles after leaving the barren desert outside Las Vegas, the final three Teams embarked on a mad dash through the hilly streets of San Francisco, leapfrogging each other all the way to their final destination: East Fort Baker, where Tara & Wil were bested in a harrowing foot-race by best friends Chris & Alex.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 11: Separated couple Tara & Wil were in the lead as they approached the final check-in mat overlooking San Francisco Bay, but in the last moments of the race they were outpaced by lifelong friends Chris & Alex, who sprinted across the finish line in first place. Brother and sister Blake & Paige came in a close third, but both agreed that they'd had a great experience. Blake & Paige and Tara & Wil did win vacations to London and Paris, courtesy of American Airlines Vacations, because they tied for first place at the previous Pit Stop on Maui, Hawaii.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 10: Miami friends Oswald & Danny appeared to be in good shape throughout the leg; however, they lost steam in the Lost World, which cost them valuable time. Arriving at the Warbirds Hangar in last place, they were gracious about the experience of being on The Amazing Race TV Show. Summing up the adventure, Oswald noted: "When life basically becomes such a rush, you need to stop and enjoy the people that you have. Because it could just be gone in a second."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 9: Although best friends Oswald & Danny were the last Team to check in at the Pit Stop at Inverary Sheep Station on New Zealand's Canterbury Plains, this was a non-elimination leg, so all four Teams remain in The Amazing Race TV Show.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 8, Leg 2: Former roommates Gary & Dave lost time when they switched Detour choices in the Australian outback, causing them to arrive last at the Pit Stop in an aboriginal bush camp. When host Phil Keoghan informed them that they were the seventh Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show, the Team shook hands and hugged. "I really loved every second of it," remarked Gary. Dave added that it had been "an amazing, unbelievable experience."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 8, Leg 1: Although Blake & Paige were the last Team to arrive at the Pit Stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, this was a non-elimination leg, so they are still in The Amazing Race TV Show.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 7: Although they began this leg in first place, sisters Mary & Peach were delayed when their taxi driver took them to the wrong place in Hong Kong. They lost even more time when they headed for the Fast Forward, only to find that Gary & Dave had already won it. Eventually, the disheartened sisters were the last Team to arrive at the Pit Stop on a Chinese junk in Hong Kong harbor. When host Phil Keoghan informed them that they were the sixth Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show, Mary & Peach agreed that they had really enjoyed their experiences.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 6: Although Chris & Alex were last to step on the check-in mat in northern Thailand, no Teams were eliminated on this leg of The Amazing Race TV Show.

Amazing Race 2: Episode 5: Cyndi & Russell fell behind the other Teams while searching for the right water taxi during the Detour in Bangkok, and were unable to make up the lost time later on. Thus the ordained ministers arrived last at the Pit Stop in Ampawa, Thailand and became the fifth Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show. Reflecting on their experience, Russell explained, "It's been a great run. We've seen things we never would have seen. We've done things we never, ever would have done." In tears, Russell expressed pride in his wife. As they hugged, he said, "It's been quite a trip."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 4: When Shola & Doyin got lost on the way to Namibia's Matterhorn sand dune, their truck got stuck in the sand, delaying them an entire night. In the early morning hours, Shola & Doyin headed straight for the Pit Stop at Amani Lodge, where Phil Keoghan informed them that they were the last Team to check in and had been eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show. In the end, the twin brothers were happy to have experienced the adventure. "I don't care which of the seven remaining Teams win," Shola remarked, "They're gonna earn it, because it's a tough thing to do. Believe me, I only made it through four legs and there's nine more legs to go. If they can finish this, I wanna be at the finish line to shake their hand."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 3: Delayed by a roundabout flight to South Africa via New York City, Gutsy Grannies Peggy & Claire were last to arrive at the Pit Stop in lovely Lanzarec Manor winery, Cape Town, so were the latest Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show. Even as they said their goodbyes, the Gutsy Grannies showed why they have earned the respect of all the other Teams. Both declared that their adventure had been great fun, and Claire added, "I hope other women our age will do it too."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 2: Arriving shortly after Blake & Paige at the Pit Stop in beautiful Iguaçu Falls, Hope and Norm, the married couple from Tennessee, were last to check in and became the latest Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show. The couple was sad, but extremely grateful for the experience. "My key along this whole thing was to enjoy some of these fabulous places and to experience them with my best friend, which is my wife," Norm said. Hope added, "He's my choice. I choose him, no matter what."

Amazing Race 2: Episode 1: Despite their courageous rappel down the 590-foot sheer granite face of Brazil's Sugar Loaf mountain, mother and daughter Team Deidre & Hillary weren't able to close the gap between them and the other Teams. Thus they were the first Team eliminated from The Amazing Race TV Show. Both agreed that the experience had deepened their bond. Said Diedre, "We definitely will both learn from this experience."

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