Amazing Race Travelocity gnome

Travelocity Gnome from the amazing race show. Travelocity paired up with Amazing Race TV show to showcase its 'Gnome' in TV commercials and also place live travelocity gnomes in the tv show.

Amazing Race clevelry added the Travelocity Gnome to the TV show, it's funny and not at all cheesy. Teams have to find the travelocity gnomes, which then reveal a secret image on the bottom of the each gnome statue. If the image matched a special symbol (airplane) the team won!

where to buy travelocity gnomes: You can visit their Travelocity Gnome Home. Gnomes are often backordered, so check often. They also have gnome updates and other info.

travelocity gnome Amazing Race's Travelocity gnome

Travelocity Gnome TV Commercial: american appliance: Travelocity gnome commercial "American Appliance" is the one where the Gnome is shocked by electricity because he's from America and while traveling in Europe the gnome realizes that american appliances do not work on 220V! The travelocity traveling gnome TV ad in the link above is of excellent quality too.

Travelocity Gnome TV commercial
Amazing Race's Travelocity Gnome American Appliance TV commercial

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