cat grooming routine to use once a week on your longhaired cat, also about hair matting and brushing cat coat

My longhaired cat goes through frequent hair grooming sessions to control hair shedding. I usually go through a cat grooming routine every other weekend. I also have a number of tools and a refreshing / detangling / static reducing cat spray.

longhaired cat rake brush Your Best Friend: a rake cat brush

Grooming My Cat Marshmallow is tough! He will try to squirm, but for the most part, he will stay in one place. I do a lot of talking and try to keep myself calm and listen to music... I found that if I'm calm, the cat will too settle down and remain still, at least as much as he can. (have you EVER tried to control a cat?!? - you'll quickly find it's nearly impossible).

how i groom my longhaired cat:

step 2

step 1

detangling longhaired cat hair spray Spray my hands with the special spray (Pro Pet Salon De tangling and Freshening Spray - For Cats

Extra-mild freshening formula contains aloe vera and unique coat conditioners to help de tangle mats and tangles. Gentle enough for daily use. Baby powder fragrance) and wet the whole cat down lightly

cat rake brush longhaired cat rake brush Use a cat rake brush to take off hair from body and tail - I use SAFARI's rake brush, they're the best in my opinion.

To groom long haired cat with mats, during this step, first take a pair of scizzors and cut out the mats. Then, take a small-toothed comb and try to comb through what's left. Do not try to wash the mats off, they will just stick together.

step 3

zoom groom cat hair brushUse zoom groom to get loose hair off

step 4

cat slicker brushUse a slicker brush to pick up the rest

step 5

soft hair cat brushUse a special comb brush with round tips to get the hair mats under legs and arms and on the tummy

step 6

detangling cat sprayand cat brushSpray the cat again and brush with a rake for the last time.

longhaired cat My Longhaired Cat Mashmallow

More about cats: Bag Balm for Cats: helps heal irritations on paw pads and "Da Bird" Cat Toy by Go-Cat - One of the best cat toys

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