heal cat paws using bag balm vaseline

I consider Bag Balm one of those cure-all products that's great to have if your cat develops a rash or any kind of a cut or just abrasions on their paws. I'd say anywhere you see a minor irritation, you can use it.

Cat's foot pads are the prime spot for bag balm. Excellent for healing any irritation. Try to put it on the cat while he's asleep, otherwise, they'll lick it off too quickly.

On my cat, I'd use bag balm once a month, just as a preventive and also to soften the skin on his paws. Bag balm is absolutely safe for use on cats, dogs, kittens, also puppies and larger animals like horses and cows.

Bag Balm Smell and greasy feeling: yes, bag balm smells. It has a very strong, almost 'fatty' smell, like vasoline. Also, it's very oily. If i have to put it on, i'd use a rubber glove, just because it's one of those smells that does not go away quickly and the oil takes time to wash off the skin.

Bag Balm is made in petrolatum and lanolin base, it's oily and will soak into pads and paws.

bag balm Bag Balm Vaseline

my cat loves bag balm My White Munchkin Polydactyl Cat Mashmallow

Where to buy bag balm? It's available at pharmacies and pet stores in a green tin (image above). Usually, they'll stock behind the pharmacy counter and you may have to order it.

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