Galerie De Bijoux: Sonia Bitton Jewelry

I love Sonia bitton and her collection: Galerie de bijoux. Sonia's designs are a rarity in a gemstone and jewelry business. They're breathtaking and strikingly beautiful, mostly because of the high grade of diamonds she uses in her designs. Her favorite jewelry designs are adorned in diamonds and diamond's color and clarity, as well as the carat weight all play a part. That is, to Sonia (alternate spellings: Sony Bitton, Sonia Bitton), the bigger the carat weight and the clearer and more colorless the diamonds are, the better!

I owned a pair of Sonia's diamond earrings, and they were by far my favorite pair. One carat of diamonds, white gold and this almost square hoop style, very nice, very attractive pair and the diamonds are some of the clearest I've seen.

Sonia came back to ShopNBC! She's now designing low-cost line called 'Sonia Bitton for Brilliante'. Galerie de Bijoux real gold / real diamond jewelry is no longer available on ShopNBC (alternate spellings: Gallery De Bijoux, Galerie DeBorjue, Galerie DeBorgue). Sonya's Galerie de Bijoux line was amazing with high-end diamonds/designs. Let's hope ShopNBC asks Sonya to bring back her hig-end line, as she has a lot of fans in all of us.

sonia bitton Sonia Bitton

Now for some good news, Sonia has created a new website, Sonia B Live! @

Also, ShopNBC, as of January 2010, has let go my favorite live host, Charla Rines. If you had a pleasure of seeing Charla on air, you know what an amazing host she was.

Sonia Bitton's Brilliante jewerly example is below, right next to it's real counterpart. Can you tell which one is which?

sonia bitton diamond gold ten stone flex ring
Sonia Bitton's diamond gold ten stone flex ring
Retail: $5,876

sonia bitton brilliante gold embraced 10 stone flex ring
Sonia Bitton's Brilliante 10 stone flex ring
Retail: $245
Galerie De Bijoux diamond Earrings: Retail Value $8,500.

Sonia Bitton jewelry. A stunning, 10 carat diamond bracelet, with retail value of over $17,000 dollars.
sonia bitton ring
Retail value of this Sonia Bitton Flower ring: $5,055.00

In Sonia's designs, you can expect to see diamonds with H-I color and Si clarity. Rings will always have a lavish under gallery and beautiful designs. Earrings always shine and are adorned with colorless diamonds. Bracelets will be adorned in carats upon carats of diamonds. Guild Diamond is Sonia's parent company.

Visit Sonia's new website: Read More: Carlo Viani Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry and for your wedding: Vera Wang Wedding Gown: Make your own plus Kathryn La'Croix Wedding Gowns.

To order from Sonia Bitton or to contact her studio, Galerie De Bijoux, write to:
25 W 45th St STE 1201
New York,NY 10036-4902

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