about turquise natural stones, best turquise mines in Iran and Tibet

Turquoise jewelry is incredibly beautiful, all because turquoise stones have an unbelievable sky blue color. finest turquoise Stones come from Iran & Tibet: The best and finest turquoise for jewelry comes from Iran and Tibet. "Turquoise" name comes from an old French word meaning "Turkish," turquoise was believed by French to have come from Turkey, even though it was only moved through there from Persia.

Sinai Turquoise stone Mines: Turquoise was used by the Egyptians and was mined in the Sinai Peninsula, called "Country of Turquoise" by natives. Turquoise is found in sandstone that is overlain by basalt. Large-scale turquoise mining is not profitable today, but the deposits are quarried by native peoples using homemade gunpowder. Sinai turquoise is typically the most translucent, it is worked by local artisans for sale to tourists.

natural turquoise stones: Turquoise below is a sample mined in Northeastern Iran from March to December, 2004. Production value was estimated at $19,000,000.

Turquoise Stones
Turquoise Stones from Northeastern Iran

turquoise stone magic: Turquoise jewelry was always worn throughout history as protection to ward off evil powers. turquoise jewelry protected riders and horses from accidental falls, and now considered the ideal good-luck stones for aviators to prevent accidents.

turquise stone Turquoise Stone

turquoise jewelry by Carlo Viani: Turquoise jewelry designs you see on the right are by Carlo Viani. Special review: turquoise jewelry: rings is linked above . Carlo Viani creates his upscale, fashion forward designs and his latest 2005 collection includes a lot of turquoise jewelry.

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