Kathryn La Croix Wedding dresses and gowns

Kathryn La'Croix gowns are made by it's parent company: the Formal Source. The wedding gowns are well made and use the same high-end fabrics and laces that you'll find on much more expensive gowns. Kathryn La'Croix has an excellent selection of at least 100 different gown designs to choose from.

kathryn la croix wedding gown: 7418 Kathryn LaCroix Dress kathryn la croix wedding dress: 6830 Kathryn LaCroix Wedding Dress in Black and White

kathryn la croix Store locations and catalog requests

Stores for Formal Source which sells kathryn la croix wedding gowns are located throught the US. Their headquarters are in Florida. You can request catalogs for $12 at this address: The Formal Source, Inc. 11816 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33626. Phone: (813) 925-3335. They offer a wedding dress catalog, a prom catalog or both for $15.

The Most beautiful Katherine la croix styles

Kathryn La Croix Satin Ribbon Wedding Gown, style 2388 with a satin ribbon
Kathryn La Croix Satin Ribbon Wedding Gown, style 2388. Satin ribbons are all the rage now, this one cannot be sweeter. It compares well to a 10x more expensive Vera Wang satin ribbon wedding dresses.

Kathryn La Croix - stunning, lace wedding dress, style 6847
Kathryn La Croix - stunning, lace wedding dress, style 6847

Hard to find Kathryn La'Croix online Information

Online wedding dress pictures and Information are often hard to find, because the company does not advertise under it's own name, it uses the Formal Source name and website. Although, once you find the Formal Source site, you'll find pictures and detailed information on all the Kathryn La Croix wedding dresses.

You can also visit Kathryl La'Croix and Formal Source website. It is full of all the styles and with pictures of each design.

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