Moissanite Jewelry: Moissanite Ring as a perfect Diamond-Like Engagement Ring on Budget

Let me tell you, shopping around for an engagement ring is tough enough, but finding an affordable ring is even tougher! Recently, while going to a few local diamond jewelry stores, I came upon a few Moissanite jewelry selections, including a very nice moissanite ring. The ring was a moissanite engagement ring, and I immediately thought - that's unusual!

The color of the moissanite stone is WOW, brilliant. I was pleasantly surprised to see one in person, as I have seen them sold online and on TV before. A price comparison between a moissanite engagement ring and a diamond engagement ring is shown on the sidebar. As you can see, a moissanite ring is about 5 times less money than a comparable diamond ring, can you believe it?!

Comparing Moissanite to Cubic Zirconia and to even a lesser diamond simulate - rhinestones, first you'll notice the brilliant shine of moissanite. Not only is the moissanite crystal-clear, but it also reflects more light than a real diamond. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, does not reflect as well as moissanite and of course, it's cheap. Rhinestones are well, cheap looking and to in my view cannot be called a diamond simulant. Trust me, I've seen all up close, and you can immediately tell a cubic zirconia from a diamond but you can't tell moissanite from a diamond, which is an amazing property of this stone.

moissanite Natural moissanite (yes, it's green!)

moissanite engagement ring Moissanite engagement ring; 2 carats; Retail value: $2,500

diamond engagement ring Diamond engagement ring; 1.5 carats; Retail value: $10,000

But please make no mistake, Moissanite in jewelry is not a natural nature-occuring stone, it's a chemical compound, found just recently in 1998. Moissanite's chemical name is silicon carbide, and it's man-made (synthetic).

Natural Moissanite: Interestingly enough, first Moissanite was found in a meteorite fragment 100 years ago, and is named after the last name of a doctor who discovered it. Natural moissanite is green in color and is extremely rare. I can't be used in jewelry.

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