Liz and Me: womens plus size clothing line Liz & Me by Catherines is terrific

Here's my friend's "Liz & Me" story: "I was shopping in an Avenue store and as usual, was finding very little to buy. I'm tall, so a lot of tops cut shorter than 30" are just too short for my body.

While standing in line with my one lonely t-shirt, i noticed a woman in front of me wearing a shirt I have not seen in Avenue stores before. The shirt looked great, so naturally, I asked her where did she get the shirt? - she said it was a 'Catherines" store and gave me the address. When I went to visit the store the following week, I found the same exact shirt and the label: "Liz and Me"! Ever since, Liz & Me has been one of my favorite clothing brands and Now half my closet is Liz & Me!

What makes Liz and Shirts and T-Shirts so special? Catherines staff will tell you that Liz and Me clothing is made especially for plus-size women and they cut the clothes to fit different body types, long and short. You'll find lots of long t-shirts, up to 34" inches, which they call their Liz&Me Mega Tees. They also have shorter cuts, 26" and smaller, for the shorter women.

I wish shoes would be as perfect of a compliment to your feet as these great Liz&Me clothes to the body. One thing I found is you can find a good shoe in SAS shoes. But girls, these shoes are not 'perfect price', my own pair was $115.

Liz&Me Perfect Price. Perfect Price is Liz&Me's fantastic selling strategy. Items tagged 'perfect price' are not discounted, but in all fairness, they're already priced perfectly! For example, a shirt would be perfect priced around $18, and t-shirt for about $15.

What is Liz&Me Clothing? Liz & Me is a clothing line offered exclusively by Catherines plus-size women's clothing stores. Much like the Avenue stores, they have their own line, but for Catherines, the brand does not carry the name of the store, it's an altogether separate name. Liz&Me is sold by Catherines B&M stores and online.

Liz&Me Mega Tees. So what makes Liz&Me mega tees so great? Well, it's the length! In truth, you won't find long plus-size clothing in department stores or in most specialty stores, although I've always wondered why that is the case. As you can see below, Liz and Me's mega tees are long, full 5" longer than the regular t-shirt, but they still look great.

liz and me perfect price label tag
Liz and Me Perfect Price clothes tag

Liz&Me Signature Blue Logo
Liz and Me Mega Tee
liz and me clothes label
Liz and Me Essentials clothes tag
Where to get Liz & Me Discount Codes, Coupons or just plain great deals. Liz and Me clothing is sold by Catherines stores, and thankfully, the prices are not outrageous, but actually very affordable. Catherines coupons and sale events are plentiful, with often up to 40-50% off Liz and Me clothing in their nationwide stores. Additionally, they often run a $15 off $15 coupons, which make the cost of the t-shirts about $10 when buying online.

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